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Boat Wiring Made in the USA

Jumper Cables, Booster Cable Set 1 AWG 20ft

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Jumper Cable Set 1 AWG BLACK 20ft
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1 AWG Jumper / Booster Cable Set
20 Foot Long with Extra Heavy Duty Parrot Jaw Clamps

These are not just any set of booster cables, they are the last set you'll ever need to purchase! 

  • We start with RUBBER INSULATED PREMIUM WELDING CABLE which is MADE IN THE USA, featuring VERY FLEXIBLE FINE STRANDED COPPER coupled with the rubber insulation means you get a long lasting, super flexible set of cables that with withstand the abuse and stay flexible in cold weather. 
  • Every 3 feet the two cables lengths are secured with a HEAVY WALL ADHESIVE LINED HEAT SHRINK TUBING to keep the cable together. This gives you a 6 foot distance from positive to negative clamp at the end of the cable to ensure you can comfortably reach the battery connections. 
  • We then strip the welding cable insulation and attach TIN PLATED CORROSION RESISTANT COPPER LUGS which are DOUBLE CRIMPED per manufacturer specifications using the manufacturer's suggested crimp tool and die setting to ensure a life long connection to the wire. The cable lugs allow for a more secure hold than the traditional copper wire contacts which are applied with pliers. 
  • After double crimping we use zinc plated Keps Lock Nut (K-nut) on a longer bolt length to securely fasten the lug inside the handle of the PARROT JAW CLAMPS routed under the spring in the handle for added strain relief. 
  • Adhesive lined dual wall heat shrink is applied over the handle of the clamp adding further strain relief and protection to the connection. The heat shrink is color matched to the parrot jaw handle. 
The finished booster cable set weight is around 15 lbs 

Additional Information

Product Specification / Instructions No
Wire AWG Size 1 AWG
Conductors 2
Color Black
Length 20 ft
Manufacturer Made in the USA
Switch Configuration No
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